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High School and Curricula
Texts and Materials

Rock Solid - discounted homeschool supplier, good prices and fast service.

Rainbow Resource Center - another discounted supplier, good prices, service can be very slow during main buying months so check their delivery time before ordering.

Timberdoodle - a favorite homeschool catalog published for many years.

Home Science Tools - science/lab supplies, can order kits that contain the items needed for labs in various textbooks.

Local Homeschool Stores

The Curriculum Exchange - York, SC

The Christian Curriculum Connection - Aiken, SC

Correspondence Programs

Calvert School - a long-established correspondence school for grades 1-8, textbook-based.

K12 - all grade levels, internet-based.

Oak Meadow - correspondence program with gentle learning philosophy, all grade levels, offers online curriculum in addition to their home-based materials.

Seton Home Study School - respected Catholic correspondence school, all grade levels, offers online and home-based courses.

Test Suppliers

Seton Testing Services - reasonably priced, fast shipping, can take as long as you need to administer the tests and return for scoring.

Bayside School Services - more expensive, limited test administration window.

High School and College

The College Board - the website for the SAT and PSAT tests, provides a lot of information as well as practice problems for the tests.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - complete this online application as soon as possible in January (after you complete your taxes) for aid the following school year. (Complete in January 2012 for financial aid for the 2012-2013 school year.) Must be submitted to be considered for financial aid.

Financial Aid Calculator - quick calculator you can use to guess how much financial aid you'll receive. The results are only an approximation.

SC Scholarships and Grants - a detailed listing of SC scholarships and grants.

SC Graduation and Diploma Requirements - current requirements for public school students to receive a diploma. You can use this as a guideline, but remember that homeschoolers are not required to follow these requirements since they don't receive a diploma by the State Department of Education.

SC Uniform Grading Policy - this is the uniform grading scale used in all SC schools. If your student is interested in applying for a LIFE scholarship and needs to be ranked, you'll have to use this scale in determining grades. Ask your association for help in determining grades (college prep, honors, AP/IP).

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