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Language Arts
Reading Rewards Programs, Dictionary, Games, Book Notes - I use this site all the time to look up words in their online dictionary and thesaurus. It also includes interactive translators, flashcards, and more. Highly recommended for students in my writing classes, and any homeschooler (and their parents!).

Book Adventure - a reading motivation website for kids in grades K-8. Readers earn points and prizes for taking multiple-choice quizzes on books they've read.

Read to Succeed - Six Flags offers free admission tickets to participating Six Flags theme parks for students in grades K-6 who complete six hours of recreational reading.

Barnes and Noble Reading Program - a summer reading motivation website for kids in grades 1-6. Children can win free books.

Vocabulary Games - this website provides games to help students of all ages improve their vocabulary.

Spark Notes - free book notes and literature guides for many classic and contemporary literature. Also includes study guides for other subjects.

Libraries, Lending Programs, and Other Resources

SC Public Libraries - website with addresses and website links to SC libraries.

DISCUS - this is SC's virtual library. It's free for SC residents and includes many databases and online encyclopedias. Get the password and ID from your local library.

ETV StreamlineSC - offers SC homeschoolers thousands of free educational videos via the internet. To set up an account, send an email to and with Streamline for Homeschools in the subject line. In your email, include:
1.  Your name
2.  Your home address
3.  The name of your accountability association
4.  Ages of your children
You will receive instructions for creating your account.

Books for the Blind - free library program of Braille and audio materials circulated to eligible borrowers in the United States by postage-free mail.

Described and Captioned Media Program - free library program of closed captioned media circulated to eligible borrowers in the United States by postage-free mail. - ETV's educational website, contains a collection of interactive internet programming for K-12 students, teachers and parents. - a thorough information directory for SC.

Book Lists

Literature to Supplement History - a list of books that cover different periods in US and World History.

College Bound Reading List - a list of titles divided into the categories of American Literature, World Literature, Biography/History, Science, Social Science, Drama, and Poetry.

Reading List for the College Bound - a reading list for college-bound students derived from a combination of many lists compiled by colleges and universities.

Summertime Favorites - a list of classic favorites for children in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Children's Book Council Reading Lists - a list of notable books in social studies, science, and more.

Children's Choices - a list of best books for children, chosen by children.

Books in a Series - a list of series books, useful for children who enjoy reading every book in a series.

Juvenile Series and Sequels - a list of series books with a focus on juvenile/young adult titles.

Young Adult Series and Sequels - another website that features a database of juvenile/young adult titles that are part of a series.

Writing, English, and Grammar

How to Write a Research Paper - this website teaches students how to write a research paper, step by step.

Wordsmith - popular homeschooling writing series that includes Wordsmith Apprentice for grades 4-6, Wordsmith for grades 7-9, and Wordsmith Craftsman for grades 9 and up.

Rod and Staff English - this Mennonite series is popular among homeschoolers who like a traditional grammar approach. This website shows samples of the texts. I recommend doing exercises orally as much as possible so students don't become overwhelmed. To order, call Rod & Staff Publishers at 606.522.4348.

Diagramming Sentences - this website shows students how various sentences are diagrammed.

Literary Magazines

Ladybug - a magazine for preschoolers and early elementary that contain stories, poems, games, activities, and songs.

Spider - a great magazine containing stories, poems, and articles for younger elementary ages. Monthly contests encourage children to submit their own writing and art.

Cricket - this magazine is similar to Spider (see above) but is for older children (upper elementary and up). Great for exposing children to a wide variety of literature.

Stone Soup - a literary magazine by kids, for kids - all writers and artists are ages 8-13.

Handwriting and Typing

Handwriting for Kids - this site includes worksheets for practicing both manuscript and cursive letters.

Custom Tracer Pages - create custom worksheets in D'Nealian and Zaner-Bloser fonts and cursive.

Free Printable Handwriting Lessons - includes readiness worksheets, print and cursive worksheets, and lined handwriting paper.

Italic Handwriting Series - this is a good program for young children learning print (1st and 2nd grades). I don't recommend it for learning cursive, however. From my own experience and that of moms with older children who used the program, the cursive becomes sloppy and almost illegible as children get older. It's not a continuous-stroke method, so students have to pick up their pencil in the middle of a word or sentence too often. When taking notes or just writing fast, this interferes with neatness and readability, and it slows them down. Instead, check out the Zaner-Bloser style for cursive (see next item).

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Series - this is a good method for learning cursive (I recommend the Italic series for learning print - see above item).

Online Typing Program - great online typing program created by the BBC.

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