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Traveling with Carolina Homeschooler
Can we go on your group trips if we don't homeschool in South Carolina?
Homeschoolers from throughout the United States (and Canada!) participate in our trips and we enjoy the diversity. All of my trips are as suitable for homeschoolers outside of South Carolina as they are for us natives. The more, the merrier (and the better group discounts we get).

Do you know all the families on your trips? Will I feel like an outsider?
On every trip, most of the families are new to me and to each other. Many families go on several trips with me, and some go to Disney with me every year, but the majority of families are meeting me (and each other) for the first time. You won't feel like an outsider.

My husband doesn't like being part of a group. Should we still go?
Yes. Tell your husband that many of the other husbands feel the same way, and end up enjoying my trips anyway. I organize them so families can stick with the group, go on their own, or mix it up according to how they're feeling each day. On several trips, the dads didn't go the first time, but joined on a subsequent trip and enjoyed themselves. We're not stuffy, and you're not stuck with us the whole time. Honest.

Can I opt out of the hotel, meals, transportation, or specific sites on each trip?
Unless stated otherwise, no. We have to reach specific minimum numbers to qualify for group discounts, so if several families opt out of a specific event or the hotel, then the rest of the group may be negatively impacted. I'm working on providing hotel-optional trips in the future so those who have family in the area or have alternative arrangements (campers, hotel points, whatever) can join us.

What do your trip fees cover?
They cover the cost of planning and organizing each trip, hotel, admission fees, educational programs, included meals, included transportation, and anything else that I can get at a group discount. See the description for each trip to find out what's covered. We also use fundraising money (Amazon affiliation, Box Tops, Tyson Project A+, and website advertising to decrease the cost of our trips.)

Do you have references from people who've been on your trips?
Many of the families who've been on my trips have volunteered to share their experiences (the good, the bad, and the whatnot) with others. Please join my community areas and request references there.

I'm nervous about sending money to someone I don't know. How do I know you're not scamming me?
You're right to be nervous, and smart to ask questions before sending money to anyone on the internet. Other families have felt the same way about my trips because they're priced so inexpensively. They worry that they're "too good to be true."

The best way to find out if I'm legitimate is to join my community areas and post a request for references. Please don't register for my trips if you have any doubts about me.

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