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Need information about homeschooling in South Carolina? We're here to help! The different areas of our website will tell you more about us, explain how to legally homeschool in SC, answer a lot of the questions newcomers ask, provide information about local events and group trips, provide links to resources, and help you connect with our community and local support groups.

Need an association to comply with SC's homeschool law?

We provide Third Option membership as mandated by Section 59-65-47 in the SC Code of Laws. We focus on providing an interactive online community for students and parents, as well as outside field trips and classes. Whether you need us to comply with SC's "third option" homeschool law, or just want to take advantage of our online (and offline) community and events, we hope you'll consider joining us!

Don't live in South Carolina?

Many of the resources at this site aren't specific to SC, and you can still participate in many of our events and trips without becoming a member. If you want to become a member to join us for our online (and offline) educational community, that's fine, too. We'd love to have you with us!

Dianna’s Ramblings...
Happy new (school) year!

We're looking forward to a new year of providing membership services for Option 3 homeschoolers in South Carolina and for out-of-state families who enjoy the extra events and online activities we offer.

We have many events scheduled already - field trips, sleepovers, park days and campouts, group trips to Disney World, Washington DC, New York City, and Italy! We'll also continue with our online book groups, classes, and workshops since they're popular with our students.

I'm working on adding our Fort Caswell marine science camp back to the schedule in the spring, and a return trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in early summer. I'm also planning camping trips, and an end-of-year event for us - something the children (and parents!) can look forward to every year.

Many thanks to the wonderful new and returning families who are allowing me to be a part of their homeschool journey this year!


What’s New...
Join us for a private Atalaya Castle Sleepover at Huntington Beach State Park!

Spend the night on the USS Yorktown!

Become an Outsider and visit all of SC's 47 State Parks with us!

Registration is open for our New York City 2015 trip!

Explore Venice, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Verona, Assisi, and Pompeii with us!

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Important Dates
November 3

Dinosaurs in Motion & Zapped! An Electrifying Experience


November 8-9

Atalaya Castle Sleepover


November 24

Mythbusters: Behind the Myths!


December 8-9

USS Yorktown Sleepover


March 5-14, 2015

Trip to Italy!


September 4-8, 2015

New York City


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